Poetry Competition


We proudly announce the winners and commendations for the 2016-17 competition:


1st Prize ($1,000) Brenda Joy Pritchard for ‘My Alpine World’
2nd Prize ($250) Catherine Lee for ‘Everlasting Soldiers’
3rd Prize ($100) Shelley Hansen for ‘Communication Breakdown’
Highly Commended:
Brenda Joy Pritchard for ‘Ghost Child’
Catherine Lee for ‘Stolen’
Tony Hammill for ‘Black and White’
Terry Piggott for ‘Top Camp – Up in the Devil’s Lair’
Tom McIlveen for ‘Won’t you come?’
Robyn Sykes for ‘Treacherous Veil’
Tom McIlveen for ‘Raggamuffin Rejects’

Short Story:
1st Prize ($1,000) Jacqueline Trott for ‘The Scarlet Widow Maker’
2nd Prize ($250) Victoria Hann for ‘A Sign of Life’
3rd Prize ($100) Rhonda Tallnash for ‘The Guardian’
Highly Commended:
Alys Jackson for ‘Chiyogami Fires’
Jacqueline Trott for ‘Dresses of Light’
Yvonne Popplewell for ‘It Never Rains’
Melva Graham for ‘Dust Storm in the Mallee’
Shelley Hansen for ‘Three Syllables’
Jacqueline Trott for ‘Lovers’ Tangle’

Free Verse:
1st Prize ($500) Barry Collier for ‘Millennium Drought’
2nd Prize ($125) Penny Lane for ‘A Different Now’
3rd Prize ($50) Roger Vickery for ‘Ghost Morse’
Highly Commended:
Peter Ramm for ‘Wanderlust’
Shelley Hansen for ‘A Day in the Life’
Lyn Chatham for ‘Some Advice From Hamilton Hume’
Bob Jarrad for ‘The Block’