Poetry Competition

The Poetry & Short Story Competition 2018-2019 Awards and the Childrens’ ‘Wombat’ Awards Presentation Day will be held on Saturday 20th July 2019, 1:30pm at St Francis Pastoral Centre, 326 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne in the MacKillop Room. just past the Reception Room. All welcome.

Traditional Rhyming Verse
1st   :   Shelley Hansen for Keepers of our Heritage
2nd  :   Tom McIlveen    for From Gallipoli with love
3rd   :   Tom McIlveen    for Old Man Drought
Highly Commended:
Catherine Lee  ‘Saltwater People’
Tom McIlveen  ‘Pappinbarra Dreaming’
Short Story
1st   :   Garry Hurle       for  A Good Edjication
2nd  :   Fran Collings    for  Special Delivery
3rd   :   Sharon Willdin  for  Satellites
Highly Commended:
Lawrence Barker  ‘The Thirteenth’
Marion Prowse  ‘Suitable for Stock work and Hacking’
Kit Scriven ‘ The Colour of Time’
David Vernon  ‘ More than expected’
Janice Williams  ‘Ghosts on the Track’
Free Verse
1st   :   Penny Lane       for  All those life-long years
2nd  :   Shelley Hansen for In Praise of Bush Verse
3rd   :   Marian Spires    for  Witness
Highly Commended:
Marion Prowse  ‘Ancient Land, Revisited’
Courtney Nandan  ‘Stolen’
Henry Lawson Society Poetry Prize for members only
1st    :  Mick Coventry    for Henry’s Men
Noel Tennison Poetry Encouragement Prize
1st   :   David Judge     for An  Era Gone
Children 12 years and Under – ‘Wombat’
1st   :  Amaeh Reed     for Our Heritage Tree
School Holy Cross Trinity Park, Trinity Beach Qld
2nd  :  Brooke Chapman  for A Rising Storm
School St Mary’s Primary School Grafton NSW
3rd  :   Ruth Foote     for  Bushfires
Home Schooled
Highly Commended:
Joshua Blunt  ‘But the People carry on’
Stephen He  ‘Our Land-Respect, Responsibility, Refuge
Amaeh Reed  ‘Henry’s Poem’
Felix Solomon  ‘The Emu’

2018-2019 Henry Lawson Society Literary Awards

Entry forms are now available for the 2018-2019 Henry Lawson Society Literary Awards for:

Traditional Rhyming Verse, Short Story, Free Verse, Henry Lawson Society poetry prize for members only, Encouragement Award for poetry and Wombat Award for poetry for children 12 years and under.

Categories and Prizes

CATEGORY A : Traditional Rhyming Verse (max 50 lines)
First prize $600
Second prize $300
Third prize $150

CATEGORY B : Short Story (max 1000 words)
First Prize $600
Second prize $300
Third prize $150

CATEGORY C : Free Verse (max 50 lines)
First prize $600
Second prize $300
Third prize $150

CATEGORY D : Henry Lawson Society poetry prize (max 50 lines)
for HLS members only
First prize $200

WOMBAT AWARD : For children 12 years and under.
First Prize $100
Second prize $75
Third prize $50

The school libraries of the prize winners will also receive children’s titles from Ford St Publishing to the value of the awards.

In honour of former HLS member and Lawsonian editor Noel Tennison, there is also a $100 Encouragement Award.

All entries close on 30 April, 2019.

Download the 2018 Henry Lawson Society Poetry Competition Entry Form here!

The winners and commendations for the 2016-17 competition:

1st Prize ($1,000) Brenda Joy Pritchard for ‘My Alpine World’
2nd Prize ($250) Catherine Lee for ‘Everlasting Soldiers’
3rd Prize ($100) Shelley Hansen for ‘Communication Breakdown’
Highly Commended:
Brenda Joy Pritchard for ‘Ghost Child’
Catherine Lee for ‘Stolen’
Tony Hammill for ‘Black and White’
Terry Piggott for ‘Top Camp – Up in the Devil’s Lair’
Tom McIlveen for ‘Won’t you come?’
Robyn Sykes for ‘Treacherous Veil’
Tom McIlveen for ‘Raggamuffin Rejects’

Short Story:
1st Prize ($1,000) Jacqueline Trott for ‘The Scarlet Widow Maker’
2nd Prize ($250) Victoria Hann for ‘A Sign of Life’
3rd Prize ($100) Rhonda Tallnash for ‘The Guardian’
Highly Commended:
Alys Jackson for ‘Chiyogami Fires’
Jacqueline Trott for ‘Dresses of Light’
Yvonne Popplewell for ‘It Never Rains’
Melva Graham for ‘Dust Storm in the Mallee’
Shelley Hansen for ‘Three Syllables’
Jacqueline Trott for ‘Lovers’ Tangle’

Free Verse:
1st Prize ($500) Barry Collier for ‘Millennium Drought’
2nd Prize ($125) Penny Lane for ‘A Different Now’
3rd Prize ($50) Roger Vickery for ‘Ghost Morse’
Highly Commended:
Peter Ramm for ‘Wanderlust’
Shelley Hansen for ‘A Day in the Life’
Lyn Chatham for ‘Some Advice From Hamilton Hume’
Bob Jarrad for ‘The Block’